enhancing quiz

Welcome to the Enhancing Quiz!

Thanks for giving this a go. It is just two questions and will only take a few minutes. You are not asked for any identifying information. If you start and then decide you don't want to continue, simply close your browser window (nothing will be recorded until you click SUBMIT at the end).

Click NEXT to get started. Good luck!


You are going to hear two very short (5 second) audio samples.

Please listen once only to each of the samples. This is important.

The samples are two versions of the same recording. One is poor quality, and the other is enhanced.

You might not be able to make out the words with just one hearing. That is ok. At this stage you are only being asked to say which one you think sounds clearer. You'll get a chance to listen in more detail in the next question if you wish to.

When you are ready to listen, check the round button below (required).


Question 1: Quick judgement

Please listen once only to each of the samples (you can listen more on the next screen), then answer which one you think is clearer.


Example 1 (5 seconds)



Example 2 (5 seconds)



Question 2: Careful listening

Now for the important part: what do you think is said in the recording?

Listen as many times as you like and transcribe what you hear in the blank box provided below. Please note: 'transcribe' here just means 'write the words in ordinary spelling'.

If you have any comments, please use the 'Comments' box. (It is very helpful if you can separate your transcription from your comments on your transcription.)

PLEASE DO click 'NEXT' and then, on the next page, click 'SUBMIT'. If you don't click submit we won't get any of your answers - which would be a shame after all your work!!



Thanks for taking the Enhancing Quiz. Your time is much appreciated.

When we have enough responses, we will post the results and a commentary.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch via CONTACT in the top menu.