Enhancing Quiz 2

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You are going to hear two very short (5 second) audio samples.

The samples are two versions of the same recording.

All you have to do is say which one you think sounds clearer.

When you are ready to listen, check the round button below (required).

The audio is poor quality.
Here's an approximate transcript that might help you listen.
At the Aquarium
Speaker 1: ... Bobby's fish?
Speaker 2: Well he needs a tank, so if he gets a tank ...

Listen to the two versions below to decide which sample sounds clearer to you. 
You can listen more than once if you like.

Sample 1 (5 seconds)

Sample 2 (5 seconds)

Once you have decided which is clearer, check the appropriate answer below. If you have a comment on the transcript or on any other aspect of the quiz, please feel free to use the Comments box below (optional).
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Have you done a previous experiment listening to this audio?


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