Another miscarriage of justice with characteristics similar to our case study

In 2009, a Sudanese teenager known to the press as JB was convicted of the murder of Sydney man Edward Sport, largely on the evidence of a case worker who testified JB confessed the murder to him in a private conversation.

In April this year, JB was released after the conviction was quashed on the grounds that the confession evidence was unreliable as the ‘case worker’ was actually a registered police informer.

Now an investigation has been launched by the NSW DPP to find out who knew this essential detail when, and why it was never revealed to the court.

Read the alarming details of JB’s case on the ABC website

This story makes disturbing reading – but is the situation so different from our case study, in which an alleged confession, allegedly ‘heard’ by a police officer in an unintelligible section of a covert recording, was a major plank in a murder conviction? Read about ‘verballing’ here, or READ THE FULL CASE STUDY TO MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND.

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