VIDEO: Plenary presentation at Aust Academy of Forensic Sciences

I managed to record my recent presentation at the Australian Association for Forensic Sciences and have edited it into a short video for you. At 34 mins, it packs in a lot of new experimental results and case studies.

It was an ‘interesting’ way to spend Valentine’s Day 😉 but I think the audience found it entertaining and informative. It makes a good complement to the video of my 2017 presentation to the NJCA: that one goes into more legal aspects, while this one gives more scientific background, especially for those of you who are fascinated (as I am) by the workings of human speech perception.

The video is optimised to about 60 mB so it should play ok on most reasonable networks: the text and animations are viewable, if not totally crisp, and the audio is fine. Enjoy: and let me know what you think.

If you find it interesting you like to follow up with other videos and readings via Too Busy to Browse? – or just explore the site at your leisure (hint: there’s a lot of interesting stuff in the News archives).

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